Activity at Etna’s New Southeast Crater, 3 December 2018

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Since a few weeks, small Strombolian explosions are occurring from the easternmost vent of the New Southeast Crater, one of the summit craters of Etna. This vent, also known as “u puttusiddu” (the little hole), formed in late-November 2015 and produced lava flows and Strombolian activity on 6-8 December 2015. Since then, there have only been sporadic explosions and emissons of ash, but lately this vent has become more active, and very small lava flows are being emitted since 20 November 2018. So far, this activity is rather modest, and the lava flows extend only for a few hundred meters down the steep eastern flank of the New Southeast Crater cone. There is no whatsoever danger for nearby populated areas and cultivated land, and the activity is not producing any volcanic ash.
This video was recorded before sunrise on 3 December 2018 from the village of Fornazzo, on the eastern flank of Etna.

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