DANGER! ~ KILAUEA Volcanic Gas Emissions Have Tripled

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Volcanic gas emissions have tripled as a result of the voluminous eruptions from Fissure 20 so SO2 concentrations are likely elevated to higher levels throughout the area downwind of the vents. Moderate trade winds today means that areas downwind of Kilauea gas emission sources may experience varying levels of vog. Future outbreaks could occur both uprift (southwest) and downrift (northeast) of the existing fissures, or, existing fissures can be reactivated. Communities downslope of these fissures could be at risk from lava inundation. Activity can change rapidly. This eruption is still evolving and additional outbreaks of lava are possible. Ground deformation has slowed and seismicity levels have decrease in the area for now. This video is in the public domain courtesy of : USGS, HCD Mahalo.
“Tūtū Pele” Aloha 🏝

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