Etna – 27.01.2019

Rates : 7

Thanks a beautiful day I went on Etna this Sunday. The good visibility made me notice a quite rare phenomenon, but very choreographic: the ash emitted from the volcano, thanks to the wind, has been spread all over the southern flank of the volcano, coloring the snowy coat of an unusual gray. I wanted to go around the volcano and I realized that there was a distinct line of demarcation between the area where the ash had fallen and the other opposite where the whiteness of the white snow was almost blinding. Usually the puffs emitted by Etna can color a small area, but this time a whole slope has been involved. Beautiful and unusual. In this video you will see the puffs of ash that cyclically follow each other in these days. First it was the North-East Crater that emitted them, now it’s the turn of Bocca Nuova. Enjoy

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