Fissure 8 Rages On! June10, 2018

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June 10, 2018 Fissure 8 Rages On!
It’s all about Fissure 8 now… really the only active vent of Kilauea’s Leilani Estates eruption, now in it’s sixth week. The other two dozen fissures are smoking, steaming and glowing, but not erupting… while Fissure 8, almost dead center in the middle of the beleaguered subdivision, continues to send 6-9 million cubic yards of lava a day flowing in gigantic rivers toward the Pacific Ocean. For the time being, she has slowed her destructive bent… burning only a handful of homes and other structures in the past few days. In the wake of her biggest destructive days in modern history, Pele is now creating new land off the Eastern coast of the Big Island. Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters, who make this all possible. Expert pilot, Sean Regehr floated us effortlessly over the massive eruption… Leilani, Punatic Ducky, Special Guest Bonnie Grower, Bruce Omori and I had the most stellar charter ever! Appreciate your expertise, Sean!

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