Fissure 8 Spews More Lava, Earthquakes Hit Kilauea Summit

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Hawaii Volcano Update: Fissure 8 Spews More Lava, Earthquakes Hit Kilauea Summit. LAVA from Kilauea volcano is continuing to ooze across Hawaii’s Big Island two months after first erupting. Here is the latest news as Fissure 8 spews more lava and earthquakes hit the Kilauea volcano summit. A collapse event occurred at Kilauea’s summit at 4.33pm HST on July 19, according to the USGS. The energy released by this was equivalent to a M5.2 earthquake. Rockfalls also occurred from near-vertical cliffs around the Caldera and the Halemaumau crater pit located with the much larger summit caldera of Kilauea. This came after another explosion at 1.28am local time on July 18, in a blast equivalent to a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported that Fissure 8 continues to be very active and is feeding a lava channel with a broad ocean entry along the Kapoho shoreline. Fresh lava is also oozing at Kapoho Beach and gas emissions from the fissure eruption and laze at the ocean entry continue to be very high. When lava meets the ocean, it creates “laze”.
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