Fuego Volcano erupts ash clouds, hiking to the summit, Guatemala, Short Video

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Fuego Volcano erupts ash clouds, hiking to the summit, Guatemala – Volcán de Fuego or Chi’gag is an active stratovolcano in Guatemala. It sits about 16 kilometres west of Antigua, one of Guatemala’s most famous cities and a tourist destination. Last eruption: ongoing
Elevation: 3 763 m Volcanic arc/belt: Central America Volcanic Arc Mountain range: Central America Volcanic Arc, Sierra Madre de Chiapas
Did you know: Growth of the modern Fuego volcano followed, continuing the southward migration of volcanism that began at Acatenango.
It has erupted frequently since the Spanish conquest, most recently in June 2018. Fuego is famous for being almost constantly active at a low level. Small gas and ash eruptions occur every 15 to 20 minutes, but larger eruptions are rare. Andesite and basalt lava types dominate, and recent eruptions have tended to be more mafic than older ones. The volcano is joined with Acatenango and collectively the complex is known as La Horqueta. 3 June 2018 – An eruption resulted in at least 159 deaths and at least 300 injuries, 256 missing persons and residents being evacuated, and the closure of La Aurora International Airport.

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