Hawaii April 5, 2018 Hula Lava

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Hawaii April 5, 2018 Hula Lava – Superb lava activity! Large lava outbreaks, amazing pahoehoe flows folding like drapes, and numerous skylights, surrounded by a steamy flow field… all this surface activity within a mile of the vent… and nothing else anywhere on the flow field. Merry Monarch Festival Ducky joined Leilani, Special Guest, Scott Longman, Bruce Omori and me as Paradise Helicopters’ amazing bearded pilot, Robert Mitchell guided us over Pele’s artistry… welcome back to Hot Seat Hawaii, Rob! And don’t forget… we’ll have lots of interesting personalities on the upcoming “VolcanoScapes” series entitled “Hot Seat Hawaii!” Check out our brand new website hotseathawaii.com and meet the cast. Then stay tuned for exciting well-known guests, engaging visits with interesting Big Island folks… and of course, as always, the best Kilauea Volcano stills and aerial lava video anywhere! Coming soon! #HotSeatHawaii You never know who might show up in “the hot seat” next! https://vimeo.com/263635031

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