Hawaii Fire and Fury – Paradise Helicopters – May 18

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Hawaii Fire and Fury – May 18, 2018 – WOW!!! Huge eruptions are happening at fissures below Leilani Estates! Two gigantic pahoehoe outbreaks are emanating from Fissures 16 and 17, and a towering high fountain eruption is blasting skyward at Fissure 17. The lava is spreading in various directions, but hasn’t gone too far yet. Highway 132 is still safe, at least for the time being. Much of the lava generated is pooling on top of the previous flows or moving to the south-southeast, but not from the distal tip of the flow front. Another sizable outbreak and small fountain is effusing hot rock from Fissure 18 in Lani Puna Gardens. The outbreak on Hookupu at the bottom of Leilani Estates is still active, spitting a bit, but has largely subsided. Nothing appears active above Hookupu. This is most likely lava from the collapsed Pu’u ‘O’o vent… it is much hotter and more fluid… scientists now expect to see more fountaining and longer flows from this eruption. The trade winds are back, so the SO2 is once again being blown to the south, and most of the subdivision has breathable air. Mahalo to pilot Colin Burkardt the kind folks at Paradise Helicopters … they offer the finest charters in the islands! Bruce Omori, Leilani and I had a fabulous lava overflight!

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