Eruption Update HAWAII KILAUEA VOLCANO – HCCD (June 16, 2018)

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Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that Fissure 8 in the lower East Rift Zone continues to be very active and is flowing into the ocean at Kapoho. Fountains from the Fissure 8 spatter cone continue to feed lava into the well-established channel that flows to the ocean at Kapoho. Occasionally, lava spills over the channel levees. The ocean entry remained fairly broad with laze blown onshore. Fissures 16 and 18 continue to ooze lava and mild spattering from Fissure 15 was observed late in the day. The flow field is relatively stable with little change to its size and shape for the past few days.
Pele’s hair and other lightweight volcanic glass fragments from the lava fountain at Fissure 8 continue to fall downwind of the fissure, dusting the ground within a few hundred meters (yards) of the vent. High winds may waft lighter particles to greater distances. Residents are urged to minimize exposure to these volcanic particles, which can cause skin and eye irritation similar to volcanic ash. This video is courtesy of our friends at Paradise Helicopters & Tropical Visions and Hawaii County Civil Defense. Mahalo

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