Hawaii Leilani Overflow June 24, 2018

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June 24, 2018 Hawaii Leilani Overflow – A large outbreak near Fissure Eight sent lava directly toward our home last night! The Volcano Goddess, Pele is continually erupting hot liquid rock into the channelized rivers leading to the Pacific Ocean… but a sizable flow to the northwest of the cone spilled lava down the river bank toward the homes on Nohea Street. Ours is on Kupono… just one street up. Fortunately by morning, the substantial outbreak had stalled, just before leaving the flow field… but nearly reaching a home nearby. Most of the fountaining activity is still confined within the nearly 200-foot high spatter cone she has built around that eruptive vent. Her fiery fountains send 6-9 million cubic meters of lava downslope every day… man, that’s a lot of lava!!!

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