Hawaii Pohoiki Stands Strong July 25, 2018

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Hawaii Pohoiki Stands Strong July 25, 2018 – Once again, Pohoiki stands strong… but for how long? Both the major surf spots, Bowls and Shacks, have been wiped out, and the ocean entry delta continues to grow. A very large a’a flow made it’s way to the edge of the park above the road, but appears to have not progressed much further. Remarkably, as of this morning, the park, upper parking lot and boat ramp have been left untouched. Numerous rivulets of iridescent liquid rock pour into the sea over a two mile stretch from Pohoiki to where Vacationland once stood, creating new land and black sand beaches all along the new coastline. The lava channel near Kapoho remains unstable… frequently overflowing and altering the direction of the lava’s progress… sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. Several flows have broken out and stalled on their way to the cinder pits and Waa Waa area nearby. They appear not to be in danger at the moment. Pele may actually be building a lava lake, as there appears to be a large holding area west of the cinder pits. Our pilot, Rob Mitchell reported that one of the branches of the braided channel on the mauka side ran dry for a time yesterday… but after several hours, refilled with lava. Activity at Fissure 8 continues unchecked… a boiling, seething cauldron of liquid lava. After nearly two months of activity from that vent, Pele continues effusing, sending the hot rock into the channel below, past the houses nearby, eight miles down the channels to the ocean entries.
Leilani, Gnome Ducky, Special Return Guest, Hot Seat Hawaii Producer Tim Coakley, Bruce Omori and I had another terrific Paradise Helicopters charter. Pilot Rob Mitchell showed his prowess at the stick… Paradise Helicopters and Rob… you da best!

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