Hawaii Spectacular Ocean Entry June 20, 2018

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Hawaii Spectacular Ocean Entry June 20, 2018 – A gorgeous morning over East Hawaii allowed for a spectacular view of the Leilani flow field. Fissure eight is changing shape, but continuing to pump out a remarkable volume of lava. Most of the fountaining activity is now confined within the nearly 200-foot high cinder cone Pele has built around her fountaining. Her fountains of fire feed enormous rivers that transport the molten rock to the Pacific Ocean in Kapoho. The ocean entry was spectacular this morning… with two major entries located near where the beach community of Vacationland stood just two weeks ago. Tons of lava is entering the water there and a billowing plume emanates from the water’s surface. Homes on the north end of the Beach Lots are still in danger, although the lava seems to have stalled there for the most part. Sean Regehr kept us safely aloft over the flow… Leilani, Clown Fish Ducky. Special Guest Andrew Hara, Bruce Omori and I had another superb charter! Mahalo plenty, Pete and Paradise Helicopters!

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