Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Updates On Damaged Lava Tour Boat (TTM)

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News Alert – Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Updates On Damaged Lava Tour Boat There are conflicting reports as to how close the Lava Ocean Tours vessel that got hit by the lava bomb was to shore at the time of the explosion, and the boat’s captain, Shane Turpin, denied a request for an interview when approached by Hawaii News Now on Saturday. Turpin has been sued at least four times before by people who claimed they were injured on his tours, Hawaii News Now has learned. U.S. Coast Guard officials say initial reports indicate Turpin was about 200 meters away, but multiple eyewitnesses on board another lava tour boat – and several passengers Hawaii News Now has spoken to who were on board the boat that was damaged – believe they were closer than that. At this time, Turpin and Lava Ocean Tours still have a permit to operate, and the company was seen taking a tour out on Monday just hours after the lava explosion. The only difference now is that Coast Guard officials say everyone must stay outside of the 300 meter safety zone. This video, taken by the UAS team (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), shows lava erupting from fissure 8, within a cinder cone that is now about 120 ft tall. Lava emerges from the cone at a velocity of 13-16 miles per hour, flowing freely over a small set of cascades (rapids). Lava flows into a perched channel about 50 ft above ground level, and travels about 8 miles to the active ocean entry.

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