High Alert – Hawaii’s Kilauea Evacuations Broaden As Fast Moving Lava Threatens Key Roads

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High Alert (TTM) – Hawaii’s Kilauea Evacuations Broaden As Fast Moving Lava Threatens Key Roads. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that lava from several fissures continues to advance toward the Kapoho area. Hawaii County Civil Defense advise residents of Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacation land to evacuate. The risk of being isolated due to possible lava inundation of Beach Road near Four Corners. Lava flows are estimated to be less than 1/2 mile from Highway 137, north of Ahalenui County Park. Beach Road is restricted to resident traffic from Four Corners to Hawaiian Beaches to allow continued evacuations.
Cell Phone and Telephone landline communications in the Kapoho area have been severely limited due to downed power and telephone lines. Highway 132 is closed. Stay tuned to local radio stations for updates from Civil Defense. The Dept. of Health has received reports of children using N95 masks in school and outside. Please be advised masks are not intended for use by children or infants. Reduce their exposure by keeping them inside. High concentrations of SO2 are still present in the Leilani Estates area, where fissures continue to emit gasses. Residents close to any volcanic activity should remain alert and be prepared to voluntarily evacuate if necessary. A meeting to discuss vog and ash exposure is scheduled in the Kau District at the Robert Herkes Gym in Pahala this evening. Fissure 8 fountaining feeds a lava flow moving downslope along Highway 132; moves 600 yards/hour. Lava advancing along a steepest descent path that could take the flow to the Four Corners area Steam, Ash continued to erupt intermittently from the vent within Halemaʻumaʻu crater, at Kīlauea’s summit. Additional explosive events that could produce minor amounts of ash fall downwind are possible at any time. Volcanic gas emissions at the summit remain high.

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