How does the current Kilauea outburst compare to 1924 eruption?

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When Kilauea erupted in 1924, it sent blocks weighing as much as 14 tonnes from the crater and explosion clouds reached the towering heights of 9km (29,500 ft), Ruy Finch of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory estimated. Geologists believe the activity Kilauea is experiencing at the moment mimics the behaviour last seen in 1924 – 94 years ago. The eruption in 1924 lasted for several weeks, and sent rocks from its summit which landed more than half a mile away. Hawaii’s youngest volcano is entering into a similar period of activity as the lava lake in the Halema‘uma‘u crater drops below the level of cooler groundwater, this triggers steam-driven explosions and emits “ballistic projectiles. The US Geological Survey tweeted: “At this time, we cannot say with certainty how large the explosions could be. In 1924 blocks were thrown up to 0.6 miles from the vent and pebble-sized rocks several miles away. Ash could fall much father [sic] downwind.”.Prior to the eruption in 1924, the lava lake drained out of Halema‘uma‘u and this was followed by an earthquake swarm in lower Puna – 50km down the East Rift Zone.

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