Hurricane Hector is Headed Toward Hawaii/ Volcán Kilauea

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Hurricane Hector is Headed Toward Hawaii, Where a Kilauea Volcano is Erupting. The Kilauea volcano has spewed lava and molten rock into neighborhoods in Hawaii’s Big Island for three months. Now the area faces a new threat as Hurricane Hector heads in that direction. Hector was a Category 3 storm early Sunday as it churned toward the Hawaiian Islands, an archipelago that includes the Big Island. The Hawaiian Islands were placed on alert as Hector inched toward the central Pacific with maximum sustained winds of 125 mph. “Slow weakening is forecast during the next few days. However, Hector is expected to still be a major hurricane when it moves into the central Pacific basin,” the National Hurricane Center said.
Courtesy: USGS, Paradise Helicopters, Hawaii County Fire Department

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