Images from Eruption of Mount Veniaminof on the Alaska Peninsula

Rates : 8

Mount Veniaminof is an active stratovolcano on the Alaska Peninsula. The Alaska Volcano Observatory currently rates Veniaminof as Aviation Color Code ORANGE and Volcano Alert Level WATCH as of September, 2018, 2000 (UTC) The volcano was the site of a colossal (VEI 6) eruption around 1750 BC. This eruption left a large caldera. In modern times the volcano has had numerous small eruptions (over ten of them since 1930), all at a cinder cone in the middle of the caldera. Veniaminof is one of the highest of Alaskan volcanoes. Partly for this reason, it is covered by a glacier that fills most of the caldera. Because of the glacier and the caldera walls, there is the possibility of a major flood from a future Veniaminof Volcano eruption, Mount Veniaminof is an active stratovolcano…

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