Kilauea AERIAL View of ERUPTION! (May 29-2018)

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HAWAII VOLCANO Kilauea AERIAL View of ERUPTION! (May 29,2018) – Lava from Kilauea Volcano’s current Leilani Estates Flow on the Big Island of Hawaii poured into lower Leilani Estates overnight… . Pele’s hot rock consuming dozens of homes and other structures in her path. She covered part of the Puna Geothermal Ventures plant just east of the subdivision, covering at least one well. Officials have been concerned about what will happen when the lava reaches the wells, which have been cooled and capped, but so far there has been no release of toxic gas. But she continues to pour her molten rock into the bottom of the community, pooling into a 3/4 mile diameter, circular flow front, which is grinding it’s way through the forest and over homes, having crossed Pohoiki Road early this morning. Lava may very well reach Highway 132… the route to Kapoho later today. Hot rock is still just barely entering the ocean just southwest of Pohoiki… flows headed in that direction have now stalled. Nearly all the activity, and it is enormous, is now concentrated within, and just below Leilani Estates. Fissure seven is actually 5 fissures, jetting red hot liquid rock from 100-300 feet high at an unbelievable rate. Kilauea has now covered well over 2500 acres of the Big Island in just the past three weeks! Pele continues working her way up the rift… a new fissure that opened up between Nohea and Kupono is now feeding the fissure seven flow. Another fissure, number 25 at Kupono, appears to have stalled. Huge cracks have appeared on the Malama side of Pomaikai. Scientists project an eruption in that area soon.

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