KILAUEA-Boat Ramp Still In DANGER! (July 29, 2018)

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Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports earthquakes continue at Kilauea Summit and Fissure 8 continues to erupt into the channel sending lava flows into the ocean at Ahalanui; creating a large laze plume. HVO field crew report fluctuations in the channel level with spillovers occurring in the throughout the channel. Hawaii Fire Department is monitoring brush fires on the south side of the flow in the area of Noni Farms Road. As of yesterday’s overflight, the eastern margin of the flow near Pohoiki has not advanced southward and remains approximately 500 feet from the Pohoiki Boat Ramp at Isaac Hale Park. The USGS-HVO reports at the coast, the south edge of the lava flow has not advanced westward in the past day, and remains less than 175 m (0.1 mi) from the Pohoiki boat ramp in Isaac Hale Park. The active ocean entry is a few hundred meters (yards) to the east of this lava flow edge. State Highways reports no new cracks on Highway 11, but request motorists between mile marker 28 and 32 stay on the pavement and be alert for changes in roadway conditions. Isaac Hale Beach Park, also known as Pohoiki, is an oceanfront park, boat launch and surf location on Pohoiki Bay in the Puna District.

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