Kilauea Is An Explosive Volcano May 19, 2018

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I want to make an explosive statement. and that is that Kilauea is an explosive volcano. Now it’s taken us a long time to realize that. But it turns out that recent research shows that for the past 2,500 years which is about as far back as we can see Kilauea has been in a dominantly explosive period more than half of the time. Right here at this Golf Club house we are resting on more than a foot of volcanic ash that was deposited between 2,200 years ago and a thousand years ago on top of that foot there are several inches of ash that were erupted between about 1500 and 1800. those were large eruptions but they demonstrate the explosive character of Kilauea. we thought that Kilauea was normally a docile volcano that erupted lava flows that can do horrendous damage as Carolyn will describe but that were not explosive we now know that that is not the case and that we’re unfortunately living through a proof of that statement. thank you.

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