KILAUEA VOLCANO ERUPTION of 2018 (Compilation)

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KILAUEA ERUPTION 2018: This is Internet compilation of recent footage from eruption Kilauea Volcano on The Big Island of Hawaii. Eruption which started in May 2018 – if sustain in intensity – might be the biggest eruption of Kilauea in history. Kilauea and Mouna Loa are two most active volcanoes of Hawaii Island and Kilauea is constantly active since middle of ’80.
So far over 2000 people have to be evacuated from areas of Big Island which are affected by lava flows from new fissure in the Kilauea volcanic complex. This compilation is at the same time opening act on this site for my upcoming tour around volcanoes of the world which starts August 23 with 6 days visit on Kilauea. I hope more interesting footage will be posted here. Footage in this compilation is from different sources of daily news on internet about development of eruption on Hawaii. Footage of Paradise Helicopters, US News, USGS and US Military News were used here (there is no my own footage in this compilation). Not all of the footage is from Kilauea/Hawaii locations. Boiling Lava Crater Lake from US News is from Vanuatu Volcano in the South Pacific. Enjoy – This is just beginning!

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