Massive Whirl Wind Near Fissure 8 at Kilauea Volcano

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Kilauea Volcano Creates Massive Whirl Wind Near Fissure 8, Can We Stop The Eruption The Mount Kilauea crater has exploded for a second time in the space of a few days with the force of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that delivered more tremors to the island. Seismic activity is still causing disruption on the Big Island, changing Hawaii’s landscape forever. The Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory reported an explosion that occurred at the Halemaumau Crater on Mount Kilauea’s summit at 3.26am local time on Sunday (June 15). It is the second reported explosion on the mount’s summit in Big Island in as many days. The agency confirmed there is no tsunami threat to the island as a result of today and yesterday’s earthquake-like tremors.

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