Mount Merapi Volcano Erupts In Indonesia – Video 31 sec

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Mount Merapi Volcano Erupts In Indonesia – A moderately strong explosive eruption occurred this morning at the volcano. At 10:56 local time (WIB), an explosion produced an ash column that rose approx. 5 km above the summit crater and drifted in SW direction. The aviation color code was raised to RED.
According to the volcano observatory, the eruption lasted 7 minutes and produced pyroclastic flows that traveled 2 km to the south-southeastern sector. Ash fall occurred in up to 20 km distance, especially in the Western sector where it reached the Mungkid sub-district of Magelang Regency. Ash fall was also reported in the Banyubiru Village area, Dukun District, Magelang Regency at about 15 km distance from the peak of Mount Merapi.

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