Most Horrific Volcanic Eruptions

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Most Horrific Volcanic Eruptions – [Mr Rusen] Thanks for watching!
Volcanoes are among the most devastating and dangerous natural forces in our past, but it is not just throughout history that they wreaked havoc on human life but right up to the 21st century. Their volatility and unreliability have changed our world’s landscape over time and also lives of the people living in their shadows. These are the most deadly eruptions known. Other eruptions have been as big or bigger than these, but no one lived nearby to be threatened (for example the Valley of 10,000 Smokes eruption in Alaska in 1912). The Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 in Washington state was a far less dangerous eruption than these, only 61 humans died, although thousands of deer and other animals perished. The ancient eruption at Santorini Island in the Mediterranean Sea in about 1650 BC certainly killed thousands of people (and was the source of the Atlantis legend), but there are no real estimates of the number of deaths.

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