Mount Etna has Erupted Sending Molten Lava 500ft in the Air Above Sicily

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MOUNT Etna has roared back into life – sending plumes of ash and spewing lava 500ft in the air above Sicily.
The volcano – one of the most active and destructive in the world – initially “re-awoke” in late July but didn’t fully spring into action until Thursday evening. Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) says that the volcano, which initially “re-awoke” in late July, sprang into fuller action Thursday evening by shooting up chunks of flaming lava as high as 150 metres (500 feet) almost constantly. On Friday, INGV said the action was continuing, feeding ash plumes several hundred meters (yards) into the air above the crater.
Images credit: Boris Behncke/I.N.G.V. via AP), Wikipedia & Wikimedia commons
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