Paroxysm at Etna, 16-17 November 2013

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Paroxysm at Etna, 16-17 November 2013 Video – The best moments from my movie footage of Etna’s latest eruptive episode (paroxysm) during the night of 16-17 November 2013, including some of the finest exploding lava bubbles I’ve ever managed to capture on film (00:35, 01:01, 01:37, 02:05, 02:35), and a lot of haunting volcano noise. In particular, listen to the tremendous detonations at 00:56, 03:25, 04:48, and 05:10; these are certainly the best sound recordings I have obtained so far of such events. Have fun clicking on the times indicated for the detonations to hear them one after the other, and you’ll discover that they sound very different (which is certainly due to the fact that I recorded at different locations). But the best bit comes last (starting at 05:43) …

Some words about the places from which I made observations and recorded the various bits of footage.

00:00 Piano Vetore (upper southwest flank of Etna)
00:16 Piano del Vescovo (upper southeast flank of Etna)
03:03 Zafferana Etnea (southeast flank of Etna)
03:33 Santa Venerina (southeast flank of Etna)
03:58 Milo (east flank of Etna)
04:20 Mareneve road near Fornazzo (east flank of Etna)
05:06 Mareneve road near Monte Fontane (ENE flank of Etna)
05:43 Mareneve road near Fornazzo (east flank of Etna)
07:03 Fornazzo (east flank of Etna)
07:16 Tremestieri Etneo (south flank of Etna)

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