This Volcano won’t stop erupting!

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Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano has now claimed more than 70 homes, and belched tens of thousands of tonnes of ash and noxious fumes into the air. Every night, it puts on a spectacular – and terrifying – show with powerful fountains of lava lighting up the sky. Our Washington Correspondent Kylie Morris has spent the week on Big Island. After weeks of eruptions and lava flows from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii there are increased worries about the health threats from Volcanic Smog and ‘laze’ which are thick hazardous clouds containing hydrochloric acid and glass particles. Kilauea on Hawaii’s big island began eruptions at the beginning of the month. Scientists believe that the lava that has been flowing in a Hawaii residential neighbourhood since last week is magma that’s been stored in the ground since the volcano erupted in the same area 63 years ago. Hawaii’s business community has stressed that many tourist activities remain open, as do the island’s airports.

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