USGS 6-26 Hawaii Kilauea Volcano, Drone Footage on GE, NASA Update

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3D Animation rendered on Google Earth with 6/18/2018 Crater Satellite Radar image for Hawaii Kilauea Volcano summit and East Rift Zone Fissure Complex Lava Flow map released on 6/26/2018 10:00 AM. USGS M3+ Earthquake Data, Summit Crater Drone Photogrammetry photo, 6/26/2018 dated NASA Images and USGS Drone video, time lapse map video are included. This particular video also has Retraced Lava Flow path that was (retraced with orange curve) is about ~9 miles (~14.4 km) At the moment, there are 24 locations indicated (1 through 24) The first occurrence at F1 location started on 5/3/2018. According to the latest ERZ lava flow Map F8, F22 and F16 were active. Total Lava flow area is ~9.6 square miles. Source Image, Video, Data Credit; U.S. Geological Survey, Digital Globe, Google, NOAA, NSF, U.S. NAVY, NGA, GEBCO, LDEO–Columbia, Landsat / Copernicus, NASA, U.S. Department of Interior Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana CosmoSkyMed, European Space Agency, Derivation from USGS and NASA Imagery, Video and images may be enhanced for increased clarity. Ocean surface layer has been disabled and elevation visualisation is set to higher than normal to increase the perception of the geographic features. For oficial USGS data and content please refer to;

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